Chelation Therapy

Just as our body has antibodies and disease-fighting mechanisms built in, it also has its share of toxins. Toxins build up from the food we eat, as by-products of various physiological processes, or from the ailments we experience. However, there is also a variety of other toxins that the body is exposed to from the environment, which if left untreated, can cause serious damage. Chelation therapy can help with this.

Dr. A has administered chelation therapy to hundreds of patients who showed great improvement in their symptoms. His practice has been immensely successful as he follows the principles of functional medicine and has a customized plan suited to each patient.

Metal poisoning may sound lethal, but it can be taken care of with minimal discomfort provided you find the right kind of care and attention. If you would like to boost your health and find more effective, natural, and sustainable cures against metal toxicity, book an appointment and visit our clinic to meet Dr. Adonis and detoxify the natural way.

Learn About Chelation Therapy

Metals are perhaps the toxins that build up the most in the body. Metals like iron, arsenic, lead, and mercury are among the most common metals that humans are exposed to through the environment. They can cause serious damage as they continue to accumulate, and their level in the body increases.

Chelation therapy is a method that is used to remove these poisonous metals from the body and improve health.

How Does Chelation Therapy Work?

As the first step, Dr. A assesses the level of the metals in the body. Patients are screened using blood tests to check for toxicity. Chelation therapy uses either oral pills or an intravenous solution of medicines that disengages the metals from the blood. These are then eliminated through the urine.

Chelation Therapy for Other Disorders

Functional medicine uses chelation therapy to great benefit not just in cases involving metal poisoning, but also for problems like Alzheimer’s, autism, and heart disease.

It has been seen that children who have autism may have elevated levels of mercury, which can enter the body during early vaccination. Lowering the levels of mercury in the body of children with autism is seen to reduce symptoms.

Research has indicated that buildup of metals like zinc, iron, and copper can cause damage to the liver and brain and influence the incidence of Alzheimer’s in the elderly. In such cases, chelation therapy can help cure the condition or, at the very least, arrest its progression.

The deposition of fat in the arteries causes them to narrow. The plaque or fatty deposits not only narrow the arteries but also stiffen them, significantly obstructing the flow of blood. The calcium contained in the plaques can cause deposition of certain metals. It has been found that metals and plaque can both be removed from the arteries with chelation therapy, allowing smoother passage of blood.

Care in Chelation therapy

Although chelation therapy can prove highly useful in cases of metal poisoning and other ailments, it requires utmost care. While there have been cases that highlight the risks and problems associated with chelation therapy, the key factor in successful chelation therapy is an experienced health practitioner.

Some of the problems associated with chelation therapy include burning in the area of chelation, headache, nausea, or fever. A good doctor should be able to take you through the chelation process with minimal discomfort, painlessly.

What is important to remember is that some important metals like calcium and zinc, which are essential for the body, may be lost during chelation. It is up to the doctor to ensure the lost nutrients are replaced orally or intravenously, else the patient can experience serious deficiencies.

What You Can Do 

Dr. Adonis strongly advocates incorporating natural ways to chelate the body. Here are some suggestions that can prove especially useful:

Sustainably Grown Seafood

Seafood is packed with nutrients and is wonderful for the body, but is the most lethal carrier of metals, including mercury. Avoid fish like salmon and tuna and fish that could contain silver amalgams. For those looking to get their protein from fish, it is important that they look for the right kind of fish.

Foods That Fight Metals

There are several foods that combat metal poisoning in the body. Among them, coriander or cilantro is the most powerful. It helps in the removal of metals like lead, aluminum, and mercury from the blood, and also boosts immunity significantly. Onions and garlic are other superfoods that help against metal poisoning. Foods like these that are rich in sulfur content can help lower levels of lead in the body. Ensure you add enough of these flavoring agents into your food not just to enhance taste, but also for their health benefits. We all know that nuts are great foods that give energy and are loaded with proteins and good fats. Brazil nuts contain selenium, an antioxidant with amazing properties, and not only have all the benefits of other nuts, but also reduce metal toxicity. Using these foods either individually or together in your diet can help prevent metal toxicity, naturally.


Saunas are an effective way of eliminating toxins from the body naturally, while giving you the relaxation your body needs. Get a sauna at least once a week if you suffer from metal toxicity or are prone to it and you will notice metal levels in the blood drop quickly.

Vitamins C and B1 and Selenium 

The vitamins work wonders with metal toxicity. Seek professional advice and find ways to supplement these in the body either orally or intravenously to enable the body to bounce back and fight metal poisoning effectively.