Executive Physical Program

To live a long, fruitful life, we need to take care of our health. Being healthy not only means being disease-free, but also is an amalgamation of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Being active and having a positive outlook in life significantly affects our well-being. However, constant stress due to jobs, faulty eating habits, the poor state of our environment, and our unhealthy lifestyles have brought about a deterioration in our overall health. Maintaining our health now is more important than ever. The Executive Physical Program can help. 

To get a clear picture of your current health status and begin your journey to a healthier you, book an appointment today at our clinic and see Dr. Adonis.

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“Health is like money; we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” 

~ Josh Billings

Functional and anti-aging medicine can help us immensely in this situation. Science says that your biological and chronological age is not the same. In a healthy human, the biological age is much lower than the chronological age, whereas, in an unhealthy person, it is the exact opposite. That is where anti-aging medicine comes in. This is a relatively new branch of medicine that employs the latest scientific research and advancements in the fields of biotechnology and clinical preventive medicine to slow down conditions associated with aging. Functional medicine is dedicated to discerning and addressing the true underlying causes of chronic medical conditions. Functional medicine treats the patient as a whole instead of separate sets of symptoms and systems.

Being an anti-aging and functional medicine specialist, Dr. Adonis can be extremely beneficial. Through preventive screenings, early disease detection, prompt intervention, and optimal nutrition, Dr. Adonis helps fight and slow down age-related diseases and conditions.

What Is the Executive Physical Program? 

To address the needs of the on-the-go individual, we have different programs, including a Wellness Executive Program. This program entitles you to a consultation, in-depth questionnaire, specialized body composition InBody scale, electrocardiogram (EKG), and advanced marker blood tests (for organ health, aging markers, hormone levels, telomeres, inflammation, vitamin levels, toxicity markers, food sensitivities, cancer markers, and hundreds of other markers). 

What does it consist of? 

Consultation and in-depth questionnaire – 

During the consultation, multiple questions will be asked to assess your overall health status and determine the severity of any condition you might be having. You will be asked about the symptoms and when you first started seeing them. A thorough medical and family history will be taken. Your lifestyle will also be looked at into detail.

Specialized body composition InBody scale – A body composition analysis is primarily done to understand your health, as just a body mass index (BMI) can be misleading. Body composition goes above and beyond the measurement of weight. It analyses the body as four different constituents: lean body mass, fat, body water, and minerals. The findings act as a guide to set your health goals, be it losing a few extra pounds or a complete transformation.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) – 

An EKG is a test that checks how the heart functions by measuring the electrical activity of the heart, which makes the heart muscles contract and pump blood from the heart to form each heartbeat. A doctor determines if the electrical activity is regular or irregular. An irregular EKG may be a sign of heart conditions like arrhythmia, palpitations, or coronary heart disease.

Advanced marker blood tests – 

Hormone levels that are askew are an indicator not just of existing health problems but also of ones that may arise in the future. Functional medicine lays emphasis on hormonal balance and suggests alternative ways to keep them in equilibrium. Testing for cancer markers is an excellent way to check for hidden tumors and tumors in their early stages and for beginning early cancer treatment. Checking for food sensitivities is a recommended test too. Functional medicine recognizes that a test for food sensitivity and modification to diet and lifestyle can go a long way toward preventing and arresting several health issues. Toxicity is another major problem we face. Through methods of natural detoxification, functional medicine makes it possible to eliminate almost all toxins from the body. A complete laboratory analysis to check for the presence and levels of toxins in the body makes it possible for Dr. A to suggest a suitable treatment plan to enhance your health status. Other tests, such as organ health, aging markers, telomere length, inflammation, and vitamin levels are also a part of the executive plan.

Next Steps 

About 3 weeks after consultation and tests, a consultation takes place to discuss the results and develop a personalized wellness plan that includes lifestyle recommendations, vitamin and supplement suggestions, and if necessary, hormone replacement therapy (such as testosterone and human growth hormone) and regenerative therapies like stem cell therapy. These therapies are not included in the Executive Physical and are quoted separately based on your needs.

With a background in neurosurgery, Dr. A realized in his practice that being healthy is more than the absence of visible disease. There is much more happening inside the body that needs to be addressed well before it snowballs into a disorder. Thus, his faith and journey into functional medicine. He has helped thousands of patients realize their health goals and achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life. 

The executive program costs $4500.