Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy

Dr. Adonis has been hugely successful in combining regular IV vitamin therapy with a modified diet and lifestyle regimen to ensure a more productive, sustainable solution for his patients. He has been especially effective in being able to incorporate patient history and diet plans into the choice of treatment and has produced consistent results. He also runs a complete patient history check to assess any risks or side effects that could potentially cause trouble. What’s more, he has achieved consistent results across patients of varying age groups and disorders, ranging from minor vitamin deficiencies to cancer.

If you are among those that are looking for an immediate boost of wellness and are keen on adopting a more wholesome approach to your health, book an appointment with our clinic today and supplement your life with some natural, nutritional goodness.

Learn More About IV Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin deficiency has almost become the norm today. Genetic factors, the environment, our lifestyle and dietary choices, all seem to be geared towards a vitamin deficiency of some sort in nearly every person. If this is your case, IV vitamin therapy might be for you.

The prescription of vitamin supplements has been a common occurrence for some time now. Patients may be prescribed some form of supplements when taking an antibiotic, suffering from a condition that makes them prone to certain nutritional deficiencies or if their immunity is compromised. While ordinarily prescribed orally, there has been a shift towards intravenous vitamin therapy of late.

What Is IV Vitamin Therapy?

A rapidly growing trend, IV vitamin therapy involves an infusion of necessary vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream intravenously. This method has been used in cases of deficiency, as well as in patients who have a range of problems ranging from a simple hangover to fatal cancers. This therapy has shown remarkable results consistently. As the absorption of the nutrients is complete, the effects are nearly immediate and as per expectations.

When Can This Treatment Be Used?

IV vitamin therapy can be used to treat a wide array of medical conditions. It can help provide immediate relief from a hangover or sapping jet-lag. It is known to be useful in curing migraines, alleviating pain and fatigue, treating muscular spasms and allergies, and reviving sportspersons who are severely worn out and dehydrated after intense sports training. Dr. Adonis has seen results even in cases of heart and respiratory conditions, diabetes, depression, hyperthyroidism, and cancer. In addition, intravenous vitamin therapy has also shown benefit in people who suffer from stress and anxiety, in the elimination of toxins, restoring hormonal balance, improving immunity, and in restoring youthful skin and overall health. 

What Are Its Benefits?

Given its wide appeal, there are several benefits that are associated with IV vitamin therapy. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Completely personalized – This form of treatment allows the components and quantities of the infusion administered to be completely customized to the needs of the patient.
  • Multi-pronged approach – Several vitamins and minerals can be combined and administered in one session. The most popular of these — the Myer’s cocktail — incorporates magnesium and vitamins B complex and C in high doses in order to treat several ailments.
  • Rapid response – Response time in patients is much quicker since the vitamins are delivered directly into the bloodstream.
  • Perfect absorption – Rates of absorption are a lot higher when administered intravenously as opposed to when vitamins or minerals are taken orally.
  • Safe and effective – The doses of the vitamins and minerals are tailored to your health, age and nutritional status, making the therapy completely safe while being natural and effective.

How Does the Body Respond to IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy is usually administered in a doctor’s clinic under supervision. Depending on the patient’s need and other factors like age, health, metabolism, and interaction with other substances, the course of the treatment is customized. Once the vitamins are injected into the bloodstream, it may take between 20 minutes and an hour for the infusion to take effect. The vitamins are absorbed directly into the blood, and approximately 90% of the injected dose is absorbed. The vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the cells rapidly, which in turn use them to regenerate and repair the body and combat ailments.

What Vitamins and Minerals Can Be Injected Through IV Vitamin Therapy?

The most commonly administered vitamins and minerals include:

  • Vitamins B and C
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants

These may either be injected in pure form or combination depending on the patient’s requirement.

Who Can Opt for This Therapy?

Anyone above the age of 18 can opt for a session of IV vitamin therapy. Since the therapy is completely tailored to the person’s requirements, adults of all age groups, including the elderly, can benefit from it. In fact, anyone seeking to enhance their overall health status, irrespective of the presence of an ailment can undergo this therapy.

It is entirely safe and immensely effective. Dr. Adonis cautions that although this treatment is immensely beneficial, in rare cases, there can be mild discomfort and irritation due to inflammation at the site of the injection. Therefore, an experienced practitioner is essential.