Sexual Health

Dr. Adonis believes that today, it is easy to use hormone therapy to neutralize imbalances and improve sexual health and the overall experiences a couple faces. In his practice of functional medicine, he has enabled hundreds of couples to understand their sexual needs, get in touch with their physical state, and bring about improved sexual health through a mixture of hormone therapy and couple talk therapy, which takes couples through their sexual needs and discusses how they can be met. He stresses on both partners being actively engaged, involved, and invested in the process equally since sexual health can neither be defined nor tackled alone.

If you want to stay in tune with your sexual health and experience a more fulfilling sex life, book yourself an appointment with our clinic today.

Learn More About Sexual Health

There is little doubt that sex offers couples a great sense of intimacy, security, and happiness. It is not just important from the viewpoint of physical satisfaction, but also important for emotional and psychological well-being of the couple. There is an increasing concern about sexual health and fulfillment in couples with many of them looking for ways to experience more sexual satisfaction and better sexual health.

The definition of sexual health differs among geographies and cultures. However, the commonly accepted aspects of sexual health include understanding and embracing sexuality as a natural, normal part of life; access to information and health care; respecting one’s own and others’ sexual choices; preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs; experiencing satisfaction and intimacy at will; and being able to openly discuss sexual health and needs with the partner and health caregivers.

Dr. Adonis strongly believes that enjoying good sexual health does not mean just the absence of disease or dysfunctionality. Instead, it is more about adopting a positive attitude toward sexual relationships and partners.

Common Concerns

  • Only a little over 60% of heterosexual women admit to experiencing an orgasm during intercourse. There is a good chance the figure may actually be an exaggeration. Not all men know and understand that less than 20% of women experience an orgasm through penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm. Women also tend to take longer to climax and need more time to be stimulated and develop the sense of arousal that men experience much faster. Women can experience multiple orgasms through one sexual experience, although the number of women who actually report experiencing them is remarkably low.
  • As men and women age, both experience a lowering of libido. A lot of people begin to feel that this could be related to physical incompatibility, a lack of desire for the partner, or a simple loss of interest in being intimate. This can pose a problem, especially since theories point to the fact that women experience lowering of libido at an earlier age than men usually do. This could lead to discord between couples and a growing lack of closeness between them.
  • Most couples also experience incompatibility because of a lack of communication and expression of expectations. Some individuals may harbor certain sexual fantasies and hope to experience them with their partners, but face disappointment and dissatisfaction because of lack of communication or the fear of rejection. The desire for anal sex is one case in point. Although it is a common belief that anal sex is restricted to gay couples, heterosexual couples may also experience sexual satisfaction with it. Lack of communication and openness in this regard can lead to dissatisfaction among couples.

What You Can Do 

Couples can improve their sexual health in several ways. However, it is important that they look for a medical professional who can help ascertain the cause of the sexual problems and address them in a manner that meets their specific needs.

Here are some tips for couples to build on their sexual chemistry and intimacy and work toward better sexual health:

Maintain Hygiene

A clean, well-maintained body is always attractive to a partner and is an important prerequisite to hygienic sexual experiences. This may require eating better to remove body odor, maintaining better oral hygiene, and cleaning the privates both before and after sex.

Make Sex Interesting

 Share and play out your fantasies, try new ways of experiencing sexual satisfaction, use toys and tools to make sex fun, and don’t feel shy about experimenting. To many couples, sex becomes more routine and predictable, and the rigors often take over the anticipation. Keep the excitement alive by surprising one another with your moves and innovation.


Nothing can replace communication as far as sexual intimacy among couples is concerned. Discuss things that you enjoy, things that stimulate, and moves that don’t work. Ask your partner what they would like to make them feel better. Whispering to one another during sex works wonders for most couples in working up a sense of anticipation and thrill.


Although several couples find masturbation inappropriate when in a relationship, it is a perfectly healthy way of experiencing sexual satisfaction without any guilt. It can make you feel better and also make the outlook toward sex more positive.


With time, couples can sometimes find sex extremely unnerving, especially if they are experiencing some trouble with it. It is important to just relax with one another, talk, kiss, and hug. Sometimes, this simple experience can prove more fulfilling than the sex itself. It can ease the couple, bring a sense of comfort and reassurance, and prove a great start to get things underway. Massages are another great way to relax. Getting a couples’ massage can help bring in intimacy in a fun manner. Massaging your partner is not just a great way to get close and relax, but also a wonderful manner to engage in foreplay.