Specialized Laboratory Tests

Dr. Adonis’ facility has the added advantage of his own laboratory, which offers the convenience of running tests immediately without requiring the individual to travel. Allowing for the customization of tests, along with access to test results sooner allows for a better experience and the opportunity for a quicker, better diagnosis and immediate initiation of treatment. He has used his knowledge and expertise in the field of functional medicine to design and use laboratory marker tests effectively, thus enabling his patients to gain access to accurate diagnosis and timely intervention.

If you are looking to address health issues or just looking to understand your health better, make an appointment with our clinic today and find a natural way to give quality to your life.

Learn More About Laboratory Tests

Getting a medical consult or looking to address health issues can sometimes mean running a battery of tests, which may call for repeated visits to the laboratory. It can prove to be a laborious affair since results may take a while, sometimes revealing the need for further investigation, implying more visits and greater expenses. However, laboratory tests and analyses are sources of vital information about the processes and systems within the body – without which it would be almost impossible for any doctor to make a diagnosis or suggest a cure.

Other than the routine laboratory checks, tests may also be conducted to check for hormone levels, genetics, the presence of heavy metals, toxin levels, and sensitivities and allergies. Wellness and alternative medicine–oriented laboratories specialize in testing these markers of well-being, thus facilitating achieving a balance in the body and promoting good health. Although many of these markers have not been recognized by insurance companies and are not covered under their policies, identifying their status in the body can be extremely insightful.

Laboratory Investigations

Dr. Adonis, in his practice of functional medicine, has a laboratory right in the clinic for many specialized tests that are necessary to understand the health status of an individual.


The smooth running of our body is ensured by the appropriate functioning of several hormones that, in isolation or in tandem with other systems, regulate the functions of the body and prevent disease conditions. Hormonal imbalance is not just an indicator of certain existing health problems, but can also be an indicator of larger issues that may manifest fully only in the future. Functional medicine lays great emphasis on hormonal balance and suggests alternate ways to keep hormone levels in check and bring back the equilibrium.

Cancer Markers

Awareness and knowledge of cancer markers has increased exponentially from the time we first came to know about cancer markers. Analysis of cancer markers can be indicative of tumors as well as the risks experienced in both primary and secondary tumors. Testing for cancer markers can also be a good check for hidden tumors as well as for monitoring cancer treatment. These markers can help detect disease in its early stages when symptoms are still vague. Cancer marker analysis can help determine the prognosis and give a fair assessment of the progression of disease. Markers can also check for and indicate a relapse after the initial phase of treatment has been completed.


Genetic testing involves checking the chromosomes, DNA, and RNA for mutations and their corresponding impact on health. Several diseases are influenced by genetic conditions, and there is little patients can do to prevent these. However, understanding their own genetic makeup can help individuals seek preventive recourse and keep diseases in check before they become a serious cause for concern. Genetic testing can be done using various components like saliva, bone marrow, blood, or tissue. Laboratories separate genetic material from these cultures and test them. Genetic testing has enabled several patients to cope with their conditions with the help of little or no medication and has found ways for them to bring the severity of their condition to within manageable levels in spite of a genetic predisposition for the condition.

Food sensitivity

Food allergies can be troublesome to manage. Laboratory tests for food sensitivities can be fairly elaborate and give a good indication of foods that are good for you and foods that do not agree with your body. Reactions to food can range from excessive weight gain to serious problems like leaky gut and psychological disturbances. Functional medicine recognizes that a test for food sensitivity and simple dietary and lifestyle modifications can go a long way in preventing and arresting several health issues.

Toxin levels

We are all aware that toxicity is a problem that an increasing number of people are facing. Toxicity results from changes within our own system, toxins from the foods we eat, from lifestyle choices we make, and from the environment we are exposed to, indicating that each one of us is at a high risk of being exposed to toxins of some kind. Toxins enter our body from many sources in varying amounts. While the body has its own mechanism of detoxification, we also need to understand what toxins are and how we are exposing our bodies to it. Through methods of natural detoxification, functional medicine makes it possible to eliminate almost all toxins from the body. A complete laboratory analysis to check for the presence and levels of toxins in the body makes it possible for Dr. A to suggest a suitable treatment plan to enhance your health status.

Heavy Metals

Depending on the environment or working conditions, some of us may be exposed to heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead. These can cause serious health ailments but can be detected and treated with timely care. Tests for heavy metals include checking blood samples, tissues, or nails and hair.


These are chemicals present in the brain that send signals to the nerves. These signal molecules are located at the ends of synapses, and they pick up signals received from the brain, moving the impulse or signal from one cell to another. Neurotransmitters are extremely potent and are responsible for several functions including learning, energy, and psychological states (please visit our Neurotransmitter page)


Telomeres are important predictors of age and longevity. Telomere health is an important factor to consider in keeping the body healthy, slowing down aging and ensuring a long life (please visit our Telomeres page)